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Martial Art

The Beijing Martial Art Team has over 30 year’s history since its inception. The team has won more than 20 group champions, while its athletes grasped over 230 gold medals. Among the gold medalists produced by the team are: Geng Zhenhui, Di Guangwen, Zuo Juan, Jian Zengjiao, Liu Xiaolei, Kong Xiangdong, Liu Qinghua, Jiang Bangjun, Zhao Qingjian, Zhang Jidong, Wangxi etc. Undoubtedly, the most famous one is martial art master and movie star Jet Lee.  More than 30 Team’s ex-members have become martial art coaches and built their own Martial Clubs in over ten different countries. All those achievements greatly solidify the influence of Chinese martial art in the world.


President of WTF: Beijing Shichahai Sports School is the first school appointed as a training center outside Korea.

Established in 1997, Beijing Taekwondo team have received 39 gold medals in the national competitions. In addition, those athletes have also won the gold medals in Asian Games, Asian championships and World championships. One name that deserves special attribute is Luo Wei, who won the gold medal in the 28th  Athens Olympic Games. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Zhu Guo and Liu Xiaobo, two current Shichahai teakwondo team members, joined in the 29th Beijing Olympic games, and  won one bronze medal, which ended the medalless history for Chinese men’s taekwondo team in Olympic Games.


The Badminton Team which has trained the world champion Dong Jiong is still a relative young Team, but has set its eyes on ambitious targets. One of the Team’s top priorities is to find talented students with potential and to achieve their fullest potential. With the impressive achievements demonstrated in recent years by the Team, there is little doubt about the Team’s.


Boxing Team started in Shichahai Sports School after the Ninth National Games. Although relatively short in history, the Team has achieved impressive success, which demonstrates to the support of the National Boxing&Taekwondo Center and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports. And a large number of athletes have emerged from the team to become top athletes. A recognized name in the Team is Li Yang, who has not only won the gold medal on the Tenth National Sport Game, but also created good records in some world events. 

The Free Combat

The Free Combat Team had only ten members in the beginning, but now develops to a big professional team formed with, a complete set and grade system. All members have exerted all their best in hard working, hard practicing for many years. As a result, we won the gold and silver medals not only in the national competitions, but also in Asian Games and World Martial Arts Free Combat Events.

Table tennis

The Shichahai table tennis class has recently celebrated its fifties anniversary.  A long list of world champions, such as Fan Changmao, Teng Yi, Wang Tao, Wang Chen, Zhang Yining, Guo Yan, Ma Long…etc,  is a testimony to the glory and success. The success of the team also goes well beyond the boarder of the country. In the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, four players who are representing different countries out of the eight quarter finalists in women’s single table tennis game were once the students of the table tennis class of Beijing Shichahai Sports School.


Shichahai’s gymnastic team is one of the most famous teams. The team has sent numerous talents to the country’s national team. For instance, Ma Yanhong, the first Chinese gymnastics champion in Olympic Games, was once a student here. Zhang Jinjing, Kui Yuanyuan, Teng Haibin, Zhang Nan, He Kexin...etc have won gold medals in the 28th and 29th Olympic Games. The success stories of those gymnasts added a glorious page to Shichahai’s gymnastic program.


Tennis class was founded in 2000, 20 students, and the International Tennis Federation senior Coach 2, most of the players into the Beijing team, the national team.